We work with a couple of refinishers and can give you an estimate on refinish of concrete pools or an estimate on Gel-coat for fiberglass pools. Contact Rick @ 850-774-5939

Sorry we do NOT service or install ABOVE ROUND POOLS.

REPAIRS in-ground pools and spas only

Our expert repair tech will get your pool up and running again and you know the job is done professionally and correctly. To save yourself time and money first troubleshoot. Make sure your filter is clean and all of your o-rings are lubed and in place, empty your skimmer basket and pump basket. If your motor is not running, check all of your breakers, inside and out. If your motor is making any strange noises turn it off and call. Sometimes debris is caught in the impeller and just needs cleaning. This can save a motor and a couple of hundred dollars. In most cases when the pump stops it is just the motor that needs replacing. If your motor is under heavy water falling from above keep a cover on it.
ALWAYS make sure you maintain the proper water level, midway through your skimmer.

Upgrading your pool to a saltwater pool will add years of life to your finish and equipment. It will also help maintain your skin, hair leaving it feeling soft, and those expensive bathing suits will last much longer. Salt generators continually maintain a safe constant level of sanitizer. This avoids the initial high levels of chlorine added to maintain sanitary conditions throughout the week. A salt pool will also cut down your maintenance costs and time. It is a good idea to have an auto chlorinator filled with tabs in the winter as the pool need not run more than 4 hours per day.

If you have a cartridge filter a new cartridge is needed every 1 to 2 years depending on the bathing level. A DE filter requires the grids to be removed and cleaned 1-2 times per year, again. depending on the bathing level. If you see powder coming back through the returns it is time to replace the grids and or manifold. A sand filter should have the sand replaced every 3-5 years.

  • Motor replacement starting at $399 installed
  • pumps for sale and replaced or repaired
  • Filters for sale and installed or repaired
  • Salt systems for sale and installed or repaired
  • Timers installed
  • Auto tab chlorinators for sale and installed or repaired
  • Lines unclogged
  • Repair plumbing leaks above ground
  • Auto cleaner sales and repair
  • Automation systems for sale and installed
  • Blowers installed
  • Electric heat pumps sold and installed ( not licensed for gas installation)
  • Pool lights sold and installed or repaired ASK ABOUT OUR COLOR CHANGING LED BULBS for pools and spas
  • Handrails and ladders sold and installed
  • Seal and O-ring replacement
  • Filter elements, baskets, and o-rings for sale and install
  • DE grids cleaned or replaced
  • Sand filters were cleaned and sand replaced with Zeo Sand
  • Salt Cell Cleaning
  • Acid Washing Filter
  • No flow problems were addressed.


Green to clean starting at $229 (chemically turn your pool from green to clear blue) Drain and acid wash concrete pools and spa starting at $700 (small to medium pools max 6′ deep large and deep pools extra) drain, power wash and acid wash, fill with client’s water and balance chemicals.

Drain and chlorine wash fiberglass pools- drain power wash and chlorine wash, fill with customer’s water, and balance chemicals starting at $600


Having a pool service not only saves you time but can actually save you money. Keeping your pool water balanced to the proper PH, alkalinity, and calcium hardness levels is a must in keeping your pool, you, and your family healthy. Your pool is for enjoyment not to add extra work after a long day or week. Our service team will ensure that your pool is maintained to the utmost quality.

Weekly full-service- caged pools start @ $110/ month including basic chemicals, brushing of tiles and walls, netting the top, vacuuming up to 2x per month, cleaning filters as needed, emptying baskets, and inspecting pool equipment. Open pools start @ $125 which includes the above but will vac as needed.

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